The Transgender Who Exposed Bobby Valentino Says 'He Was Playing With Her Money'

The transgender who busted Bobby Valentino out said she did it cause he was playing with her money.

Bobby apparently called her ad on Backpage.
He got there, got serviced, and did not want to pay.

One of my male friends suggested that maybe Bobby called an escort and thought it was a girl, and then once he got head, he realized it was a man. However, many people in the blog comments said that Bobby has been messing with trannies for years..
MTO even posted that he was messing with one 3- years ago.
Of course we don’t really care what Bobby does, we’re just nosy…

An anonymous source also told that Bobby just had a baby.

“Bobby V just had a baby with Chyna Shorty. please spare her the humiliation.she is a new mom and is swimming in new mommy bliss. she does not need this.
We all know he was suspect but now he has a baby which changes the game. we have to consider his baby. all gossip and good gossip.”

After doing a little research, I confirmed that is true. Not only does she have a baby registry at Target with a July 2017 due date, but she also has photos with Bobby.

However, I intentionally refrain from breaking news like this. Just as I passed on posting the original Usher story. However, some things are still going to go viral, with or without me.
I’m simply passing on information that’s already out there.
So if you have problem with it, take that up with the original source.
Don’t blame me simply because I’m a black male with my face out there.

As no one is blaming TMZ, Shaderoom, Baller Alert, Radar or any other top branded blog. Anyway, there is also this lil tidbit here.

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