Beautiful Child Model Bullied in School Because She's Black

Photos of a beautiful black girl, Kheris Rogers who was a victim of bullying in her school has gone viral. She found solace in modelling and took it up as a career.
She also started a movement # flexingmycomplexion which encourages blacks to appreciate their skin colour.
More photos bellow…

Transgender Man Gives Birth to a Boy in the US (PHOTOS)

A United States transgender man, Trystan Reese, who declared he was pregnant for his partner of seven years, Biff Chaplow, has been delivered of a baby boy whom they named Leo Murray Chaplow.

Buzzfeed reports that Reese who was originally born a female but underwent surgery to become a man was delivered of the baby boy on July 14, 2017, a few weeks after he granted an interview to Fox19 where he announced that he was expecting a baby.

The couple announced the arrival of their first biological child via Facebook after Reese had a miscarriage last year.

The elated Reese wrote on the Facebook wall:
“The moment he was born was just like a pure moment of bliss, like the happiest moment of my life. Just to see the very beginning of Leo, of his life, was just amazing. I thought I was giving up having a family [when I lost my baby]; I didn’t even think of it as an option. I didn’t ever dream of having, or wanting to have, a biological child. One, I didn’t think it would be possible, and two, it took a long time for me to be strong enough in my identity as a man to be able to do that.

We are so lucky to have been able to welcome him into our lives and cannot wait to see who he grows up to be. I’m OK with my body being a trans body. I’m OK being a man who has a uterus and has the capacity and capability of carrying a baby.”

Reese and Chaplow have documented their parenting adventures and posted updates throughout Reese’s pregnancy on their Facebook page and in January, they made a video announcing the pregnancy.

9 year old Boy Chained and Left to Die by his Father because Church Pastor Says he's a Wizard

The Dad chained his son following church pastor’s prophecy that his son is a wizard.

Facebook user Adebayo Ogundairo shared new photo of the 9 year old boy who was chained by his neck by his own father at a Celestial Church in Ado Odo Ota Ogun State(Nigeria).

The young boy was rescued and adopted by the wife of the Governor, Ogun state, Dr.(Mrs) Olufunso Amosun.
See his new look at the bottom of the page. He looks very healthy!

Man Caught in the Middle of the Night Wearing Pant and Bra Belonging to 7 year-old Girl

A man was caught in the middle of the night wearing the bra and pant belonging to his 7-year-old neighbor while chanting her name, allegedly for ritual purposes. Hyacinth, from Abia state but resident in Lagos, was caught by some soldiers at Oduloju street, Sabo-Oniba at about 3 a.m on Saturday, performing the ritual on a bridge in the neighborhood. Reports have it that the soldiers heard someone repeatedly chanting “Ijeoma” and they moved closer in the direction of the voice to find Hyacinth.

Hyacinth ran away upon noticing the soldiers’ presence but they went after him and tracked him to his one room home where he lives with his wife and children.
His wife pleaded with the soldiers to have mercy on her husband.

Hyacinth allegedly owns no fewer than five shops in ASPAMDA trade fair complex where he is popularly known as A.Y.
He also allegedly owns 7 plots of land at Igbede. His neighbors described him as a kind, generous and religious man who attends Deeper Life church and is referred to as “brother” in the neighborhood.

The suspect has been arrested and transferred to the Sabo- Ajangbadi police station where he is currently being detained.

See Monster Baby Girl whose Parents are Planning to Throw Away

The baby, according to activist and philanthropist Ukan Kurugh, was delivered yesterday, July 31, around 8am, at Ucha village Naka road in Benue State.

“I reliably heard the poor parents are planning to throw her away,” he said.
“I was made to understand, that there was something like a boil on her forehead, after some time the boil like thing started flowing down until the eyes were covered.

Hope this is not ZIKA virus? What could be the cause of such delivery anyways? Any Medical Dorctor in the house

This Guy is 50, a Male Model, and the World can’t Believe it (PHOTOS)

The super hot guy on Instagram has gained attention for something you would not have expected.
Prepare to be shook.

ChuanDo Tan is apparently 50 years old. And yet has abs and the face of an angel.

But while he looks like a very fit man in his twenties, ChuanDo is actually 50 YEARS OLD.

The model-turned-photographer, known as CD to his pals, has been going viral since appearing on a Chinese news website recently.

He now has 180,000 followers on Instagram – and many just can’t believe he’s reached the big 5-0.
On one post a follower wrote: “Are you sure you are 50 years
See his photos below: