JAMB New Requirements And Guidelines For CBT Owners

The Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) has
published new mandate for all accredited CBT Owners as good as a
Registration and Examination discipline for a stirring UTME.

The new discipline and directions outlines what;

CBT Centers owners should do
When to do it
How to do it
Where to do it
Who to do it

JAMB New Accreditation Requirements

All CCTV Systems contingency be wired.
No some-more wireless CCTV Systems
Centres are to safeguard re-validation of their SIM-serial numbers :
supply sequence number
Holding Rooms contingency be in good vicinity to a hearing
gymnasium contingency be sufficient sized
Make-shift CBT centres are NOT allowed; all centres contingency
therefore be dedicated CBT centres that are used and confirmed as
such all year round
All centres contingency have MTN or AIRTEL network
All Centre networks contingency be powered by Switches. No hubs
Centres are strongly suggested to use immobile IP addresses rather
than Dynamic IP Addressing
Conveniences both in a Exam gymnasium and watchful areas will
be checked some-more particularly this year

JAMB New Registration Requirements

No some-more scanning of Picture.
All cinema will be prisoner live by USB cameras
All registration points contingency have twin screens any
confronting a user and candidate.
Candidates contingency be means to hearing their information
before submission
Candidate contingency preview registration before submission
All centres will be compulsory to constraint smallest representation
of 20 possibilities emanate a representation 10 entrance points that
will be monitored centrally
All registrations need biometric fingerprint authentication to
LED list tip lights contingency be supposing to urge design
constraint during any registration point

JAMB New Examination Requirements

Downloading of JAMB Custom Browser website designation
on any system
before accreditation
During examination, communication signals from, into and
around a hearing centre shall be limited by a use of electronic
vigilance Jammer
Only 3 persons pre-registered from a CBT Centre will be authorised
enter a hearing gymnasium in a march of examination
Centres will be paid formed on up-time of a computers (required
Adequate sustenance of WALL CLOCKS
Centres are compulsory to case all electrical and network cables
(Exposed or drifting cables are no longer allowed)
All persons (officials candidates) are taboo from bringing any
criminialized object into a hearing gymnasium e.g wrist watches,
electronic devices, pen/biroProvision of present Antivirus on all

JAMB New Financial Partners

Mobile Money Operators (MMOs), Microfinance Banks and
Special Value Added Service (VAS) providers (USSD Users e.g
participating Banks Financial Switches: Interswitch, Remita,
NIBBS, eTransact
They will be accessible during all JAMB CBT centres for all money
label payments (including use fees)

JAMB New Payment/Collection Requirements

All exchange by CBT centers are to be cashless
CBT centres are to open bank accounts with any of a participating

JAMB New ePIN Payment Process by Candidates

Sends his/her Surname, First Name Middle Name (where
applicable). This should be limit of 38 characters + 2 spaces
between names = 40 characters in all to a designated brief formula
One dungeon series (mobile number) can be used by one claimant
A acknowledgment formula (OTP) is perceived by a claimant on a
same number
The claimant presents a OTP to a indicate of buying of form
(Banks, MMOs, MFBs, Switches, USSD Partners). The form ePIN
is afterwards sent as content summary to a candidate
The claimant presents a ePIN during any JAMB accredited CBT
Centre for registration

Duties of Participating Financial Institutions during a
CBT Centres

Collect a acknowledgment formula (OTP) from possibilities
Collect remuneration and emanate ePINs
Facilitate POS Payments if necessary
Provide Evidence of Payments
Collection of Centre Service Fees

Internet Data

Debit for a concluded N30,000 (50% of cost) cost of Annual
Internet Data

Computers Cubicles

250 organic Desktop Computer systems or laptops is
25 numbers backup systems
Provision of particular apartment (26L x 18H x 18B) inches
suitable chair for any system
Minimum 15” prosaic shade Computer guard for desktop or 17”
for Laptop
Minimum of 2GB RAM for all computers or skinny clients
All Computers contingency be connected to a mechanism server with
ability to lift a smallest of 250 systems concurrently


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